Thursday, July 9, 2009

The mishaps of a misguided apprentice

Even goblins have basic needs, and Gevlon is no exception.

After last night's exhausting training session, he suddenly felt the urge to quench his thirst. Now, trying play the nice apprentice I did what every good student should: offer to bring the thirsty master a drink. With the mind still full of numbers guess I didn't pay much attention to the whole mixing process, and somehow managed to add one drop too much of that underbelly elixir. Luckily the side effects weren't that terrible. At first.

Over time it only got worse, and the poor goblin had no choice but to hop around the AH laying eggs under the eyes of a terrified mage:

Did you even notice the big sign on the AH door: "No pets allowed?" Me either. Apparently it's related to that incident a while ago that involved a gorilla, a sand worm and a few oozelings. Messy business. They had to replace the entire auctioneer crew. Anyway, back to our poor goblin...

When hunger got unbearable he had to sneak behind a tree and have some juicy grass for dinner, while the Stormwind guards were eyeing him suspiciously. For some reason he no longer trusted my perfectly fine chocolate cookies.

Apparently he found it quite delicious.

Which makes me wonder if it was really the first time he had this kind of food? Maybe a diet rich on veggies is the reasons goblins have green skin?

I can assure you the damage wasn't permanent, to Gevlon at least.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to farm just 200 more elementals before he gets back from wherever he goes when we're not talking business. It was either that or taking the inscription classes. And who would've thought goblins do have some sense of humor?


  1. Welcome to the troll-pestered path of blogging. I'm sure you find your audience, even if your stories are pretty non-goblinish. I will drop a link on my next post about your adventures in making money.

    BTW 394 mining is exactly 100 more than it was 2 days ago. Is it just by accident?

  2. Thank you master.

    394 mining is no accident. I stopped at that particular figure on purpose, to test your perspicacity :)

  3. I love this RP shit :)

    Good job!

  4. Next time turn him into a draenai womanz please :( better than a bunny.

  5. Just FYI, people used to take pets to Baron Geddon (Molten Core Raid Boss), have it cast Living Bomb on the pet, unsummon the pet, and then resummon the pet in a crowded AH, killing everything in there. So there was, in fact, an unspeakable incident with pets in the AH.

  6. Zachary, I might have to look into this, see if it's still possible nowadays. Not that I'd do such a thing *innocent face* but strictly for... research purposes.

  7. I always knew that deep down Gevlon was a sweetie

  8. Sadly, I think they've fixed the "export industry" of Living Bombs.

    Even if you could, though, it only does 3200 Fire damage, plus being thrown in the air. Considering AH's tend to have low ceilings, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

  9. E&T

    You are in a premier guild on AD and yet... you fall to this?

    Better not let Ol' Corny see this eh?

  10. lol, very funny post and super screen shots

  11. Heh, very funny post! xD

    I'm curious: Is Gevlon roleplaying a Goblin?

    If so, I guess he turned into human with some goblin hi-tech machine :P

    /brb, eating grass

  12. @The other Anonymous:
    Hm, reveal yourself troll or I will smite you with the power of frost, wind, fire and this kind of thing.

    Oh wait... "a premier guid?" It's THE premier guild of AD.

    Better not let ol' Corny see this or he'll have you skinned, and turned into his... never mind, this is a teen friendly rated blog.

  13. Awwww Gevlon bunny! I pictured a Donnie Darko bunny to be honest.