Friday, July 10, 2009

The 10 commandments of Wow

1) If you play WoW 10+ hours a day you have no life. If you play less, you suck.

2) If you grind at least 100 elementals a day you have no life. If you don't grind you have no money, thus you suck.

3) If you PvP in arena and have a high rating you have no life. If you don't you suck.

4) If you raid Ulduar hard modes at least 4 days a week you have no life. If you don't you suck.

5) If you own a Mammoth mount you have no life (see #2). If you don't, you suck (see #2 again).

6) If you run low level "friends" through Deadmines you have no life. If you don't, you suck.

7) If you have a pretty outfit and idle in Stormwind for hours so others can admire your e-peen you have no life (bonus points if you also own a Mammoth mount). If you don't, you suck.

8) If you watch the AH like a hawk and have 10K+ gold on your level 10 main, you have no life. If you don't, you suck.

9) If on top of your WoW play time you also read WoW related websites, you have no life (bonus points if you have your own blog). If you don't, you suck.

10) If you have the latest best-in-slot epics, you have no life. If you still wear your quest greens/blues one minute after you hit 80, you suck.

11) If you are better than me, you have no life. If you are not, you suck.

Note: A dear reader just pointed out gracefully ("zomg you newb you wrote 11 comanders, you suck") that I can't count. Never claimed I can. Now move on please.

Thus, after much meditation and deep analysis, we can conclude without doubt WoW players are of two species: suckers, and no lifers.

Which one are you?


  1. Both, I'm afraid... :)
    Welcome to the Blogosphere, Ydrasia. It's good to see that you can speak for yourself and aren't just following Gevlon as a "mindless sheep".

    Looking forward to see some more posts coming!
    Cheers from the inn!

  2. Oh dear, can it be? Larisa, thanks for dropping by to say hello, and thank you for being an incredible source of inspiration.

    Hope to live up to your (and everyone else's) expectations.

    As for the sheep... um, being a mage has it's advantages. From time to time.

    What's next? Gnomeaggedon and me drunk in Goldshire? Oh wait... that went out wrong.

  3. This post keeps making me think of the World of Warcraft South Park episode, when the guy says, "How can you kill that which has no life"

  4. hmm poor Gevlin might not take it too well that he'll have to give goblin lessons on how to count to his apprentice :)

  5. Gnome – Check (I grow up as a gnome mage)
    Mage - Check
    Sense of Humor – Check
    Sarcastic - Check

    Welcome to the blogosphere :)

    Gnome – Check (I grow up as a gnome mage, and I am one alwaus in heart)
    Mage - Check
    Sense of Humor – Check
    Sarcastic - Check

    *RSS-Subscribion Button Clicked*

    Oh, Questions
    9's bonus point ;)

    Did I suck? probaly, but we all tried hard not to be, right?
    I struggle to have life while I had none (Weired, it sounds like an undead, didn't it?)

  6. Oh I certainly fall into both categories. Though maybe a touch more into the suck one. =D

  7. Tbh I'm a little disappointed in your blog so far. The commandments have been done before numerous times by other people and looks like you may of just copy + pasted it.

    Coming from a great realm like Argent Dawn I expected a more character based blog(the PoV of a gnome mage) and it's something I would of enjoyed reading more than what I've seen so far.

  8. I seem to be about 3/4 sucking. :)

  9. Thanks everyone for the insightful comments.

    Oh, and Anonymous, if you stick around long enough you may find something to your liking... Then again, maybe not.

  10. I'll stick around to see. My post was meant to constructive criticism rather than just mean.

  11. Let's make a little analysis:

    People that doesn't dedicate 24 hs to WoW probably fall into the category of suckers, but from another PoV, they have family, girlfriend/boyfriend, RL friends and a "social life". Thus can be considered "normal people".

    And since no-lifers are better than "suckers", then:

    No-Lifers > normal people

    Now I want to be called no-lifer!

  12. Ydraisa, with minor caution and excitement I found your blog through GG's blog, proceeded to read through your posts and decided to smash the RSS feed button for bookmarking.

    Really interesting read, I hope you'll keep blogging about interesting things that you encounter.

  13. This reminds me of a blog post from somewhere else about how WoW players hate other WoW players, and blizz tries to please everyone by catering to lots of different playing styles, this allowing almost everyone to feel better than someone else in some way. Interesting blog.

  14. I suck!

    Your blog has been added to my feed reader... Mages FTW! You seem like you've been floating around a while, maybe reading? Anyway, very enjoyable thus far, and I'm waiting to see how well you can turn Gevlon's singularly goblinish genius into something anybody (*cough* me) can do.